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Hamond Safety Management offers the service your clients deserve.

With over 37 years of workers’ compensation experience and over 55 years of insurance expertise, it is no wonder our insurance brokers are among the most satisfied in the business.  We work hard for you and your client, not the carrier.  We are here to be your partner, and you can trust us to always look out for the best interests of your client.  We highly value our relationships with our brokers; it is an essential part of our business.  This is one of the reasons why share a portion of our service fee (50% for the first three policy terms!) with you, the broker.

We pride ourselves on the services we provide to you to help meet your client’s needs.  Our knowledgeable staff are the ones with whom you want to discuss claims, safety issues, payroll audits and billing issues.  We diligently review each claim, on your behalf, and update you and your clients on claims and safety. Every year we work diligently to make sure your clients receive a substantial dividend (we have an unbroken string of dividends since our groups’ inception!) and the maximum allowable upfront discount. Experience modification rating changes this year have changed the way the experience modification factor is calculated; this is all the more reason you want someone working in your corner to keep an eye on the management of your client’s claims and safety issues. We deal with the New York State Insurance Fund on behalf of your client, removing that burden from you.

Find out what it means to be our partner:

  • Impeccable service with over 55 years of experience
  • Full staff of underwriting, safety and claims personnel for all of your needs
  • Substantial fees paid to brokers, both new and renewal
  • Advanced policy discounts
  • $150 million in dividends paid
  • Dividends paid every year since inception
  • Risk reduction tactics through our individualized safety development programs
WFS Associates, Inc. was formed in 1989 with the idea to help small business purchase and administer its business insurance needs. We essentially do oversight. We are paid a management fee by that company, our only source of income since we never share commission with any agent we bring business to.

Since the bulk of my clientele are in the contracting field, over the years, Hamond is the only Safety Group I have done business with. I have inherited Workers’ Compensation policies where other Safety Groups are the manager. However, I can aver none of them compare to the Hamond Groups in terms of attention to my needs. None, not even close.

Ms. Wolski, especially, has proven to me over and over she is the best at customer service I have ever encountered. She is in a league of her own.

The Accounting people are paragons of efficiency. They are wired into the Fund on all claim matters, and, they have very little turnover.

No one is a tougher critic than I. These people are all outstanding.

William F. Schwenk, Jr. , WFS Associates, Inc.

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