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We provide a wide range of services which reduce workplace injuries, assist with claims processing, and help you to control the cost of your Workers’ Compensation coverage.

  • A Hamond Claims Analyst will perform an extensive review on each claim periodically to determine if the medical and compensation reserves are at a reasonable level; if there is a discrepancy we go directly to the insurance claims adjuster to request a change.
  • For a questionable claim, we work with our group members to determine if there are grounds to dispute and the best defense, and present our findings to the insurance carrier. We also work to prepare the employer witnesses for testimony.
  • A Hamond associate will assist you through the filing procedures and discuss with you your options on all new claims.
  • Any questions or concerns our group members have will be reviewed by a Hamond associate with high priority.
  • Investigate ways to mitigate our group members’ liability, such as prior medical apportionment, legal apportionment, and third party litigation.”
  • Work to push claims to resolution for a fast retirement, thus improving the experience modification.
  • Prepare synopses of claims when requested.
  • Hamond provides claimant activity checks, above and beyond what the insurance carrier would find necessary, when indicated.
  • Face-to-face meetings with employers and their brokers to discuss claims and claims issues.
  • Periodically review your experience modification to ensure your policy is charged correctly, and when necessary, we request for adjustments to be made which can save you money on your premium.
  • Hamond performs an annual actuarial review on each claim prior to renewals to ensure all group claims are at the lowest reasonable amount, and our group claims are not being charged for unnecessarily. The goal of this is to secure the best possible dividend for our group members.
“Hamond staff (especially Sarah Marino, Garrett Wilson & Paul Garritan) are very responsive and knowledgeable. Hamond has a wealth of knowledge on safety and loss control that are included within their program.”
Rebecca DuPrey, CPCU AIC , Associates of Glens Falls Inc.

Hamond has a staff of experienced claims professionals specializing in the New York Workers’ Compensation system. 

We can give our group members the attention to their claims that the insurance carrier is unable to do.