Employers Report of Work-Related Accident (C-2):

Please be advised that the Workers’ Compensation Board has revised the Employer’s Report of a Work Related Injury/Illness form, aka C-2.

The employer is also now required to distribute a "Claimant Information Packet" to workers at the time of their injury or illness.

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Underreporting Payroll and Misclassifying Employees Now Felonies

A key provision of the new workers’ compensation reform law toughening the penalties for employers who cheat on information used to calculate premiums is now in effect.

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Workers Comp
Hamond Safety Management LLC offers cost effective workers compensation coverage for qualifying New York businesses through our safety groups:
Safety Group #533: Wood-working,lumberyards and building material dealers.
Safety Group #534: New York State contractors and fabricators, including almost all types of contractors.
Safety Group #501: Plumbing, heating, and cooling contractors.
Loss Control
Our loss control professionals provide a wide range of services to reduce workplace injuries, and to help you control the cost of your workers compensation coverage.
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  • Safety policies
  • Safety audits
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